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INV100 Nature

For natural and fibre cement slate

Invisible on the roof

Built in water stop

Efficient natural ventilation


Utility room

Product description

INV100 Nature is the ultimate choice for ventilation of natural and fibre cement slate. The unique design makes it practically invisible. A grill protects the ventilation area against insects and driving snow. The original roof material is installed around the grill and fixed with adhesive butyl tape – leaving the grill is the only thing visible. A built in water stop leads rain water safely back on to the roof surface keeping the attic dry. The vent comes with an Ø110 mm adapter for connection to flex pipe. This can be shortened to increase the ventilation area to 10,000 mm².


Slate 300×600 mm min. 25° roof pitch

Skifre 25×50 cm min. 30° hældning

100 cm2 ventilation area


Impact-resistant polystyrene (HIPS)


Keep in original packaging during transport

Do not wrap and expose to heavy load during transport

Remove plastic bag before placing in sunlight



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