HV160 Flow

Integrated insulated pipe (EPS)

Quick installation

Secure connection

High performance – low pressure loss


Utility room
Heat recovery systems

Product description

HV160 Flow is a high vent for both natural and mechanical ventilation; outlet from kitchen, bath and utility room. High capacity together with low pressure loss makes it suitable for heat recovery systems. The baseplate is manufactured separately to make it match 100% to each specific roof profile. A feature that makes i easier for the roofer to install the vent together with the rest of the roof and ensure a secure installation. Moist indoor air will condensate when cooled flowing thought an uninsulated pipe. Therefore HV160 Flow has an insulated EPS pipe installed from factory with adapter to Ø160 mm for connecting pipes.


For pitched roofs 15 – 45°

Ø160 mm connection

Can be manufactured for any profile


Impact-resistant polystyrene (HIPS)

Expanded polystyrene (EPS)


Keep in original packaging during transport

Do not wrap and expose to heavy load during transport

Remove plastic bag before placing in sunlight

100% match

CUSTOMIZED Roofing accessories matching the roof in colour, material, surface, and profile

Our roofing accessories can be matched 100% to your roof material in profile, colour and surface. With 100% match the product becomes an integrated part of the roof and presents a final solution that completes the roof aesthetically.


When you see the 100% match label, it means:


  • The colour of the product is matched from the customer’s roof material to get the right shade
  • The surface is created with sand, granules, lacquer or spray with multiple colours, to match the look of the original roof material.
  • Each profile is matched with a unique mould for the individual roof profile

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