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Bird and Bat Tile

Access for birds and bats

Controlled access for birds and bats

Secure installation


Product description

The Bird and Bat tile is an example of a product specially designed to comply with specific building codes in a specific area. In this case we have a demand to provide a protected invironment for nesting and resting. As bird tile it provides access so that a nesting box can be placed and prevent the bird from entering into the attic. As bat tile it allows bats to enter the attic to rest. En bar placed in front of the entrance ensures a safe landing. The base plate matches the roof profile 100%making it easy to install with the rest of the roof.


For pitched roofs 15-45°

Can be manufactured for any profile


Impact-resistant polystyrene (HIPS)


Keep in original packaging during transport

Do not wrap and expose to heavy load during transport

Remove plastic bag before placing in sunlight

100% match

CUSTOMIZED Roofing accessories matching the roof in colour, material, surface, and profile

Our roofing accessories can be matched 100% to your roof material in profile, colour and surface. With 100% match the product becomes an integrated part of the roof and presents a final solution that completes the roof aesthetically.


When you see the 100% match label, it means:


  • The colour of the product is matched from the customer’s roof material to get the right shade
  • The surface is created with sand, granules, lacquer or spray with multiple colours, to match the look of the original roof material.
  • Each profile is matched with a unique mould for the individual roof profile

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