Job at J. A. Plast

Become a part of an original company with diversity and focus on people

Our employees are our most important recources, therefore we put people first. We value personal development and focus on health. We set ambitious and business oriented goals for the company as well as for the individual employee. At J. A. Plast we are a diverse group of people – we make room for differences and focus on development of the individual.

At J. A. Plast we develop our talents together

We are always in the process of change

Generation of new ideas happens everywhere in our organization and in the way we act. We welcome change, and invite anyone to participate with new ideas. We have inhouse training to support speaking your mind and presenting your own ideas, to enable everyone to take ownership in the ongoing process of change and development.


Evaluation is a part of our mindset

to evaluate is not something we do Wednesday at 2PM, because it is scheduled in the calender. It is part of our mindset to want to learn and be curious of how things can be done differently. To be in a learning process and to try to see potential improvements is for us just a way of working. The upside is that we don’t see making errors as having failed, but as a an opportunity for leaning.


Focus on professional development

We set ambitious goals on behalf of our employees. We offer our employees training courses e.g in communication and other adult education as we believe it is important that we keep developing both personally and professionaly. We believe that having high professional ambitions and putting people first does not necessarily conflict, but are two goals that can go hand in hand every day.


Job at J.A. Plast



Health insurance

50% reimbursement of expence to fitness

Work from home

Massage during work hours

Exercise during working hours

No-smoking area

Smoking cessation course

Vacant positions

No vacancies


Please contact us if you want to apply for a job at J.A. Plast. We welcome applications for both production and administration.